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September 7, 2019


Dear Neighbors,

We want to take this time to quiet any rumor that Waukegan Township is closing…that is not true!!!

There are 1,432 townships in the state of Illinois. Both Governor Rauner and now, Governor Pritzker appointed respective committees recommended to reduce, eliminate and/or consolidate the multiple layers of government in our state. As reported by the nonpartisan Illinois Policy Institute, Illinois has more units of local government than any other state in the nation. Accordingly, there are 6,963 governmental entities in Illinois. We agree changes should be considered!

On Friday, August 9th, Governor Pritzker signed HB348 which only affects 2 counties in the state of Illinois: McHenry County and Lake County. HB348 was drafted in part to eliminate township road districts with less than 15 miles of roads. In Lake County, only six of the 18 townships were affected by HB348 because they have less than 15 miles of road. Waukegan Township falls into this category. HB348 references our Highway Department, and the elected Highway Commissioner. This change will go into effect in 2021.

In Waukegan Township, with regards to property taxes, the Road District portion is minimal. *The chart on the right breaks down how the Road District’s portion is distributed. One half of the amount collected goes straight to the surrounding cities and not Waukegan Township.

Please keep in mind that our Highway Commissioner, Arthur Craigen and his team have done an excellent job and will continue to do so. They are responsible for maintaining the roads in the Township’s unincorporated area. Did you know that properties with 5-digit addresses are considered part of an unincorporated area? That is a great amount of ground to cover. Our Highway Department also maintains all of our road equipment and the Highway Department office complex.

This Bill will not affect the other services provided by Waukegan Township. We will continue to service Waukegan, North Chicago, Beach Park and Park City residents. In addition to continuing to provide financial relief to residents in need, Waukegan Township will fund and administer many health and wellness programs for our seniors, transportation to and from medical appointments, lawn care and snow removal, transitional housing facilities for men and women with children, scholarships for our youth, employment, expungement services, and much more. Waukegan Township continues to stand stronger than ever!

Thank you,

Patricia Jones, M. Ed., Waukegan Township Supervisor
Trustees: Percy L. Johnson, Nathaniel Roland Hewitt, Opal Rice, and Sylvestre Castellanos
Clerk: Rose Staben Assessor: Mark Stricklin Highway Commissioner: Arthur Craigen

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